I’ve Never Been Cool


Country living’s for me
So far from bright lights
In a peaceful valley
No neighbors in sight.

I’ve never been cool
I’ve never been hot
I eat lemon pie
With “slobbers” on top.

The “Valley Girls” I know
All come from south Tex
You know you’ve been hugged
When they grab your neck.

No “Mary Jane” for me
Speed is for freaks
My biggest failing
Is good country eats.

My boots look the same
Both outside and in
Thanks to the condition
Of our old cattle pen.

The mules are long gone
The new “mules” are “in”
Our tractor’s plum rusty
It leaks in the den.

My pickup died
Busted down by the road
Getting more and more dusty
With weeds overgrowed.

The kids are done growed
And off to the city
Making tons of money
But from me only pity.

But me and sweet wife
Get along like a charm
Forty years with each other
Ain’t done her no harm.

As for me and my sweet wife
We’ll sit on the stoop
And swat at mosquitos
While she knits baby boots.

As we gaze at the sunset
We’ll marvel again
How great is our GOD
And how fun are our friends.