at some point in time (where is shirley when i need her?) we moved to a house located two houses from the corner of 25th street and mckenzie on the north side of the street.  i was probably 3 or 4 at the time.  it seems that we only lived there briefly–probably only a few months.  but i remember the black 2-door coupe auto that stayed in the next door driveway close by our porch; it had the look of a late 1930s model and, i thought, how wonderful it was because we had no car.Willys_6_1931_Sport_Coupe.JPG

also remember loud country music coming from the house next door and, i swear i remember this–whether any agrees or not, that i believe our neighbor was hank williams!

i probably shouldn’t tell this, but to be more forthright than a politician, i remember my last “accident” i had in the underwear department.  one summer day i was sitting on the curb watching firemen refill the water tank on their truck–i don’t remember whether there had been a fire close by or not–but i watched with interest too long and “loaded ’em up”.  i was so embarrassed that i went in and changed, but hid the mess in the floor of my closet!  needless to say when mother found it a few days hence she was not happy at all with me!

read on if you are still interested–i don’t think it will get any worse than this.